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Always fresh water by direct purified system

Purified water
Red, Sky blue
I want to drink delicious and healthy water, but people talk only clean water.Hanumul water purifier makes good taste of water by its unique dual electrolysis system which obtained a patent!
Compact size but same performance! Stylishly designed mini-water purifier,HAN-EP5000 Hanumul direct water purifier HAN-EP500
Convenient function, ‘a cup of water’,Just one touch makes ‘a cup of water’!Just touch the button, and the smart system fill your container by its size!You can pour water easy and convenient.
Practical design!There is detachable water spot so that you can use any size of container.
Compact size! Perfect function!18cm slim mini water purifier makes space efficient.
Saving electric rates with minimum power consumption!24 hours standby power will reduce power consumption by more than 50%(Contrast other Hanumul products)
Smart automatic cleaning function!It automatically cleans its filter(system) according to the period of use.
Utilization of strong alkali water and slightly acid water,produced simultaneously with weak alkali water
Patented domestic unique dual electrolysis

increases the absorption rate of the body with smaller water particles

  • fabric
  • compression
  • fabric
  • UF hollow
    synthetic fiber
  • compression
  • fabric
  1. STEP1
    Preprocessing complex filter

    Remove solid contaminan,
    smell substance and heavy metal

  2. STEP2
    Dual electrolysis

    Remove fine particles,
    organic chemical and bacteria

  3. STEP3
    Postprocessing complex filter

    electrolyzed weak alkali water secondary
    purified water = improvement of water tast

Patented domestic unique dual electrolysis, increase the absorption rate of the body with smaller water particles
General water, about 120Hz/ Hanumul weak alkali water
  • Delicious water

    The smaller water particles through dual electrolysis make good taste of water.

  • Healthy water

    Mineral-rich electrolyzed weak alkali water is similar to pH of the human body that absorbs fast in the body.

  • Honest rental services Lower production cost
    by minimizing marketing
  • Atfercare services Systematic management
    by expert engineers at headquaters
  • Price discounts Lump sum purchase discount
    and trade-in event
상품 상세 정보
Manufacturer Hanumul
Product name Hanumul direct water purifier
Model name HAN-EP5000
Color Red, Sky blue
Purified water method Dual Electrolysis
Weight 4.3kg
Size 187(W) * 348(D) * 346(H)mm
Power AC 220V/60Hz
Power consumption Standby power 2W / Power consumption 25W
Water pressure 0.5~3.0 kgf/㎠
Water temperature 5~40℃
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